Yolli was found on Christmas Eve, the dog was sitting huddled under a bench

Yolli was especially fond of holidays, especially in her past life.

All these gatherings and preparations for the festive table, meeting guests, exchanging news and long heart-to-heart conversations, and after a joint late family walk around their favorite quarter — that inspired Yolli so much. But that’s all — the past life. Yolli was found on the eve of Christmas

and New Year holidays. The dog sat huddled under the bench. Exhausted, frozen, Yolli was shaking with cold and fear. There can be two reasons for this: either because of the noise and firing of the festive pyrotechnics, the dog simply ran away and got lost. Or Yolli was thrown on purpose. In any

case, this wonderful dog does not deserve this. By all indications, she is clearly at home. The one who loves people, knows how to be near them, knows all the quirks of life in a family, in an apartment. Knows about discipline, order, schedule. Affectionate but abandoned coward Yolli is looking for a new family and a second attempt to be a happy house dog again.