This story deserves special attention, the dog was mercilessly and unreasonably and purposefully mocked

We already talked about Varna a couple of months ago. Her story really deserves special attention.

The dog was mercilessly and for no reason, for a long time and purposefully mocked, beaten and starved. But, despite this, Varna has retained good spirits and is learning to trust people again.The exhausted, exhausted, weak, frightened dog was taken away from the monsters. She needed a

lot of time to recover mentally and physically. Such titanic work did not go unnoticed by people. Varna has become a kind of local star in the zoo community and social media.Moreover, the acquaintances of her curator, who came to the well-known program of the First Channel “Let’s Get

Married”, decided to give the story of Varna additional publicity. They brought a half-breed sheepdog to the transfer and publicly talked about what the poor fellow had to go through.We are sure that such an act will at least draw attention to the cruelty of people towards pets, and at the most it

will help Varna find a home. Despite the fact that this shepherd managed to get to Ostankino on one of the rating programs of domestic television, Varna is not arrogant.

She still openly looks at this world, sometimes even out of habit, fearing to get a slap in the face for nothing, but, as before, we are waiting for the moment to experience the happiness of being at home.