This dog named Phoenix has been through so much in his short life.

A four-year-old dog has gone through so many hard things in his short dog life.

His adventures could have been shared by several pets at once in order to take away all the disasters a little and make Phoenix’s life easier, but it did not grow together, and the pet had to go through a lot, and even alone.Even the name of this poor fellow is symbolic: Phoenix seemed to have

risen from the ashes in an attempt to simply survive in his difficult life. Most likely, Phoenix got into an accident. He received serious injuries: craniocerebral and pelvic fracture. From them, the pet’s eyesight was lost forever, and its shape of the eyes is slightly deformed. Phoenix is

extremely shown taking medication for the rest of his life. They will at least slightly help maintain the health of the pet.And another feature of the Phoenix is the “snow nose” syndrome or vitiligo. Phoenix simply cannot “poke his nose” into direct sunlight, otherwise the dog will get a severe

burn of one of the most sensitive parts of the body — a wet nose. Perhaps, from the features of the pet listed — that’s all.In addition, there are many advantages. Understanding his situation, difficult past and health difficulties, Phoenix rightly and completely forgot what claims, whims,

misunderstandings are. Phoenix is simply the most modest and noble pet in the world. He learned to accept himself as he is, people and the world around him — even more so.

Affectionate and contact, trainable, adequate, calm, reasonable, sometimes cautious, but very kind and open, such a pet in need of a person is looking for a family! Phoenix deserves a chance too!