Abandoned mongrel never recovers from betrayal

No wonder they say that mongrels are the most unpretentious, unpretentious, open, trusting, kind and very charming pets in their simplicity.

They perceive any attention of a person as the highest good and occasionally dare to claim more than they have. Julie is just such a pet.A five-year-old dog has gone through a difficult path, but in his soul he remains the same mischievous and cheerful puppy who does not hold a grudge against

people, on the contrary, he finds the positive in everything.Zhulya was the favorite pet of a lonely woman. Zhulya lived with her for several years in a private house and, as they say, did not know grief. But in some mystical way, after a while, Zhulya was found wandering alone along the street

and they called for a capture. But this pet is completely unprepared for life in a shelter, despite the lack of a breed.The curators of Julie characterize the dog as very, very trusting, kind and smart. But this is not the whole arsenal of dog qualities. Zhulya knows several commands, behaves well on

walks and in the house. Knows how to get along with humans and other pets. The only so-called drawback is that Jules loves to eat well and densely. But on the other hand, with great joy, he will “work off”

what he has eaten during an active long walk with loved ones. There are many reasons to take a closer look at Zhula: a dog of such a character, mindset and disposition is a rarity these days.