A dog with a big heart helped a little girl survive the loss of her dad

The loss of parents is a hard blow to a person at any age, and small children are no exception.

Papa June and Hazel were hit by a car when they were only 2 and 4 years old respectively.After a terrible tragedy, their mother, Emily, decided to move to another city. Shortly thereafter, the family adopted a four-legged friend, a bulldog girl named Fern.Fern became a real ray of sunshine

during a difficult period for Emily and the children. June and Hazel enjoyed spending a lot of time with Furnie playing with her.Emily says: “It felt like someone had put a patch on my heart. I then looked and wondered how the girls happily played with her. They loved her deeply. Fern changed

our lives for the better forever.»Manufacture of tents in China. Buy from the factory!The happiness that Fern brought to the house was a new beginning for the family. After a while, Emily decided that it would be nice for their pet to start a company, and then Juno appeared in the house.

Emily adopted her from a shelter and immediately realized that five-year-old Juno, as she describes, is “the happiest tail you can find.”Baby June and her new friend, Juno, quickly became very close, and a strong bond formed between them. «Love at first sight,» says Emily. The girl helped the

dog forget its painful past in the same way that the dog helped her recover from the loss of her dad.“Jun has always been very fond of animals. But I never noticed that she was so strongly attached to them. They just do not spill water, they are always together — they watch TV together, they play

together. It’s very touching to watch them.»Emily adds: “Sometimes it even seems to me that they speak their own, unknown language to anyone else. It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen.»This sad and at the same time joyful story touched the hearts of so many people around the

world. Some of them responded by sharing their experiences.Someone wrote:“No matter what fears and difficulties dogs go through in their lives, their hearts always hold a lot of love in themselves, and they are always ready to share it. These are such loving and kind animals, they will always

understand and share the feelings of a person. Adopting a dog means finding a reliable friend for life.“I was still very young when my father passed away. We then bought a dog. And, you know, she was like an angel who came down to us to help us get through that terribly difficult period.