Guy Gets Rubber Ducky Footie Pajamas To Match His Dog BFF

“When she saw me put my jammies on she lost her mind» ??

When Scott Alexander and his wife Kim found out that someone they knew was trying to rehome a pit bull, they immediately got excited. Alexander has always loved pit bulls, and was thrilled at the possibility of adopting one.“Kim went to meet Denver with our female Tibetan mastiff, Belila,”

Alexander said. “I wanted a pit bull because I’ve worked with pits before and I love the breed. When Kim video chatted me to show me Denver, I was in love.”Alexander immediately knew that Denver was meant to be their dog, so the couple quickly made the adoption official. When Denver

first arrived in her new home, she was scared of pretty much everything, but as time went on and she bonded more and more with her new family, her confidence grew.Denver has definitely come out of her shell and is such a sweet, playful dog, and her parents have since realized that her

favorite thing in the world is wearing pajamas.Denver’s parents started buying her pajamas to keep her warm whenever it gets cold, and she seems to love how cozy and safe they make her feel. She’s always so excited whenever she gets to put on her pajamas, and has lots of different kinds to

choose from.“She loves her clothes and I’m always looking for new clothes for her that she can wear when it’s cold,” Alexander said.One day, Alexander was joking with his friend Phil about getting pajamas to match Denver — and then decided, why not actually do it?“I looked on Amazon

and found a set [of] PJs that I could customize with my name on them and bought them,” Alexander said.He decided to match Denver’s rubber ducky pajamas, and was so excited to try them on as soon as they arrived. He quickly showed Denver his new look — and she was absolutely

thrilled.“When they arrived I put them on and Denver lit up with excitement so I put her pj’s on her as well,” Alexander said. “My buddy Phil thinks that I’m ridiculous for dressing up Denver. However, everyone else thinks it’s awesome and most importantly is that Denver loves it.”Alexander has

tried to get pictures of him and Denver in their matching outfits — but Denver gets so excited, she has a hard time sitting still!“She was way, way excited when I tried to take the pictures,” Alexander said. “When she saw me put my jammies on she lost her mind.”Denver loves wearing pajamas

so much, and the fact that she and her dad have matching ones now brings her so much joy. Her dad is her best friend, and she seems to love that they’re able to share her love of pajamas together.