Dog Pretends She Has No Idea Who Destroyed Mom’s Flip-Flops

Trying so hard to look innocent ?

Arya is an incredibly chill dog. Her favorite things in the world are sleeping, relaxing and getting love and attention from her family.“Her personality is very laid-back, needs attention at all times and will sleep all day if you let her,” Christine Duggan, Arya’s mom, told The Dodo. “She is sweet and

the most loving dog I have ever met.”Most of the time, Arya is pretty well-behaved, but occasionally, she does things she shouldn’t and gets in trouble.“She does always act guilty when she is in trouble,” Duggan said. “She doesn’t get into trouble often so when she does, you know it!”

When Duggan came home and found that a pair of her flip-flops had been chewed up, she immediately knew who the culprit was. She grabbed the flip-flops and went over to confront Arya, who was already avoiding eye contact and wearing her guilty face.“I discovered the flip-flop as soon as I

walked into the house,” Duggan said. “She was lying on the couch and I could see the pieces in her bed which is right next to the couch. A couple weeks before she chewed my slipper and she acted the same way. So she knows when she is in trouble!”As Duggan scolded Arya for chewing the

flip-flop, Arya tried to act as if she had absolutely no idea what her mom was talking about, but her guilt-ridden face definitely gave her away. She kept glancing over to see if she was still in trouble, with what she probably thought was a very innocent expression.“As soon as she saw me pick up

the flip-flop she hid her face in shame,” Duggan said. “She won’t look at me or even acknowledge that I am talking to her when she is like that.”Arya tried to pretend she wasn’t in trouble, but she’s just too honest, and eventually accepted that maybe she shouldn’t have chewed up Mom’s flip-

flops after all.Of course, Ayra was quickly forgiven for chewing up the flip-flops and went back to being the chill, innocent dog she is at heart. After all, who could stay mad at that sweet face?