Woman Is So Determined To Make A Cake That Looks Like Her Dog

«Everyone just thought it was hilarious.”

Madelynn Pultz was looking at her dog Mystique’s adorable, goofy face and suddenly had the best idea. She decided to try and bake a cake that looked exactly like her.“It was during quarantine that I made it because I was just so bored,” Pultz said. “I was in culinary in high school so I’m a

decent baker but had never tried a cake like that.”Pultz began rushing around the kitchen, beginning the process, as Mystique of course supervised from close by. She doesn’t usually love it when her mom is in the kitchen because it means she gets less attention.“[She] hates when I’m in the

kitchen for too long because she can’t cuddle,” Pultz said. “If I’m sitting at the kitchen table she gets upset because she can’t fit on the chair with me.”For this project, Pultz was in the kitchen for about four hours working on her Mystique cake creation, much to the actual Mystique’s dismay.

The pup hung around in case her mom wanted to stop for a cuddle break, though, and her presence came in handy for inspiration purposes.“I did actually look at her to try and get the nose right,” Pultz said.Finally, hours later, the Mystique cake was finally done ……

and Pultz couldn’t stop smiling at how adorable and goofy it was, just like Mystique.“I think it turned out decent for me not putting a whole lot of effort into it and not actually having enough materials to decorate with,” Pultz said. “I posted it on Facebook at the time

and everyone just thought it was hilarious.”Pultz was pretty pleased with the results of her quarantine project, and Mystique was pretty pleased when it was over so she and her mom could cuddle again.

Overall,the cake was a success, and a fun way to pay tribute to an awesome dog.“My fiancé thought it was weird to eat it, but it did taste really good,” Pultz said.