People Show Up To Save This Pittie … But She’s Not Alone

“She just let me walk right up to her and get her. It was like she knew that I was there to save her.”

By the time rescuer Suzette Hall found Starling and her two pups, the new dog mom was exhausted. She’d been abandoned, meticulously caring for herself and her new brood, but holding onto hope that her family would return.A Good Samaritan saw the lonely pups and called Hall, founder

of Logan’s Legacy Rescue, for help. When Hall arrived, she was shocked by the mama dog’s reaction.“She just let me walk right up to her and get her,” Hall told The Dodo. “It was like she knew that I was there to save her.”Hall walked the dog back to her car. To her surprise, both puppies

followed right behind them.The longtime rescuer brought the trio of pit bulls to the vet, and soon after, the puppies went into foster care.Once Starling left the vet, Hall took her to the puppies’ foster home, where they had the sweetest reunion ever.“They were all so happy,” Hall said.

“She was playing with her puppies like they were her friends.”Starling stayed in the foster home with her puppies for a while before she was placed with a different family.It didn’t take long for Starling’s new foster parents to fall in love with her. And Starling, in turn, fell in love with the life she

was always supposed to have.“They took her to the movies in the park, out to lunch and on strolls to the beach,” Hall said. “They would even give her homemade meals and take her on road trips.”Starling’s parents quickly decided to make her a forever member of their family by adopting her.

Her puppies were adopted, too, and now all three pit bulls are thriving in their new homes.Hall misses Starling and her puppies, but she’s so grateful that their story has the happiest ending.“I’m so happy that everything fell into place perfectly,” Hall said. “They’re totally living the dream and just smiling all the way.”