Cute Dog ‘Shamelessly’ Tries To Smile His Way Out After He’s Caught Stealing Food

In this amusing clip uploaded by Leah, we see Miller after he was caught stealing a substantial portion of food from the kitchen counter.

When Leah confronts Miller about his thieving behavior, he pouts and glares away with a smirk on his face. He thinks that if he pretends to be oblivious, she will let it go.Leah, on the other hand, is not happy about Miller’s bad eating habits and wants him to apologize.

She continues fussing over his meals and demanding that he at least say a genuine “sorry.” When Miller sees that Leah will not cease nagging him until he apologizes, he deploys his greatest weapon against her – his charming grin!Miller looks adorably goofy as he tries to smile his way out of

trouble. He twists and turns to show his best grin to Leah while persuading her to calm down already. We’re sure Leah’s temper melted away with Miller’s disarming smile. What an adorable little thief.Be sure to watch this hilarious video to the end to see Miller’s funny grin!